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News & Health Tips

Beating the Winter Blues


While the winter season may be cold and gloomy, your outlook on life doesn’t have to be. With these simple tips, you can beat the winter blues this year and feel happier and healthier than ever!

Be active. When the temperature drops below freezing, your motivation can easily drop too causing you to not want to leave the comfort of your couch. However, remaining active and exercising daily is important to not only your health, but also your happiness. It has been proven that exercise boosts your mood. Sign up for a gym membership with your friend, and make a commitment to go to the gym together regularly. Exercising with a friend makes it easier to stick to, as well as more enjoyable. On days that the winter weather strikes and you cannot get to the gym, try yoga in your living room or do some simple exercises at home with weights.

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Stay Safe & Healthy This Coming Winter Season


The harsh, cold winter of Illinois is coming, and in order to remain safe and healthy this winter season, it is important to take the time to prepare. With these preparations in place, you will be ready to brave the storm:

  • Make your home winter efficient. Winter’s elements can certainly take a toll on your home. This is why you should prepare your home now, so that your family will remain warm and comfortable when the temperature begins to drop. You should check all windows and doors for drafts. If you feel any cool air coming into your home, the window or door will need to be properly resealed or replaced before December arrives. Make sure that your attic is properly insulated, as well as any major water lines. Also, set aside a day to clean out all of your gutters, as well as repair any leaking pipes or leaks in your roof.

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Halloween Safety Tips


‘Tis the season for pumpkin patches, apple orchards, scary movies, haunted houses and trick-or-treating. Make sure your child has a fun and safe Halloween by practicing these simple safety tips with him or her.

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Fall into a Healthier Lifestyle


Autumn’s arrival is right around the corner. This year, think of the new season as a clean slate, a fresh start to healthier habits. With these simple health tips, you will have the happiest, healthiest fall ever.

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Staying Safe this Summer


‘Tis the season of cookouts, ball games, camping trips, lake days, festivals and afternoons spent at the pool. Summer is the prime time of the year for fun under the sun! Ensure this summer is the most memorable one yet by practicing these simple safety tips.

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Healthy Summertime Snacking

Fruit Popsicles

During the hectic, eventful summer months, it is easy to forget about the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. This year, make it a habit to avoid summer’s tempting treats such as ice cream sundaes and funnel cakes, and grab something healthier to snack on instead. These nutritious, delicious snacks will keep you happy and healthy all summer long:

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