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News & Health Tips

Stress Management

Stress can pop up when you least expect it. The Mayo Clinic has some advice on the best way to deal with stress, calling it "the 4 A's of Stress Management". Whether it's a joyous event like a marriage or the birth of child, or a negative experience like death or an illness, the 4 A's can help many of us cope better. They are: avoid, alter, accept or adapt.

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Summer and Sunscreen

It’s hot. It’s sunny. And most of us love it! We spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying the sports we love, cooling off by the pool and vacationing on the beach. Today however, we know that too much sun can be bad for us, and more cases of skin cancer are popping up each year, with one of the latest statistics indicating there will be about 3.5 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed this year alone.

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Managing Allergies

The Mayo Clinic has offered allergy sufferers some great tips for managing allergies this time of year. Windows are open, cool breezes are flowing, and everything is in bloom. Itchy eyes, scratchy throats, and headaches are just some of the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Are you suffering from allergies now? By following these tried and true tips you'll find some relief.

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Can't Sleep

Different stages of our lives may interfere with restful slumber, whether there’s a new baby in the house or a teenager that just started driving. Daily stress (and our ability to handle it) can also impact our sleep at night, but there are some tips from the Mayo Clinic that will help alleviate disrupted sleep patterns in most situations.

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Benefits of Coffee

We all know very devoted coffee drinkers, whether it be our friends, family members, spouses or our own enthusiasm for that perfect “cup of joe”. People that enjoy their freshly brewed pot of coffee at home, or visit their local coffee-shop on a regular basis, can’t live without it. When there’s a chill in the air, nothing beats a cup of hot beverage in the morning. The medical community, although somewhat divided regarding if coffee or tea reigns superior, believes there are benefits associated with coffee.

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Chocolate for the Heart

The month of February is a very special month for many reasons. People associate February with Valentine’s Day, so it’s not surprising that this month is also American Heart Month, focusing attention on the importance of taking care of your heart health through proper food and exercise. Unfortunately, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women alike. The good news is this: heart disease can be prevented and controlled, so being well-informed can save your life.

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