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At Maryville Imaging, our experienced radiology team provides convenient, comfortable imaging services at our advanced diagnostic imaging center.
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Our Diagnostic

Imaging Services

Bone Density

Duel Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Bone Densitometry testing measures the amount of calcium in a person’s bones and determines if osteoporosis is present.

CT Scan

A CT is a Computerized Tomography Scan combining the use of X-rays with advanced computer technology to identify tumors and cysts, fractures, and help diagnose diseases of the liver, lungs, coronary arteries and other internal organs.

(Digital 3D)

3D Mammography utilizes advanced technology to create 3D images of the breasts for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. *Mammograms are only offered at our Maryville location.

Digital X-ray

An X-ray passes small, highly controlled amounts of radiation through the body to detect diseases in the early stages, detect bone injuries and diagnose tumors.


Fluoroscopy uses X-rays with a contrast agent to capture a moving image of an organ while it is functioning.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive, painless way to deliver high-resolution images of the body without radiation. An MRI can detect healthy tissue versus damaged tissues, diagnosing tumors, brain disorders, diseases, etc.


An ultrasound is a sound wave that creates an image of internal organs, vessels and tissues in the body. Since it is radiation-free, is commonly used to scan and monitor fetal development for pregnant women.

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What Our Patients Say

Kylee B
This was my first ever MRI. I was so scared. From the moment I walked in the lady at the front desk was super friendly and I was calmed slightly. Then when Caitlin?(I can’t remember her name) came to get me she was super friendly. She seemed to actually pay attention to what I was saying and wanted to know what was going on and why I was there, not just wanting to get my scan done and get me out. She was very calm and nice while preforming the procedure, putting my nerves at ease. I will be using this office for any future scans if necessary, and have already recommended to others.
Eric Cleveland
Before arriving they let me know what the cost would be, also included a 10% discount for paying at time of scan. Ladies in front were super professional, appointment was at 1:00, tech got me in, got done with the scan, I was out of there by 1:05. Highly recommend. Cheaper than hospital for sure.
Kassandra Emery
Wonderful experience at Maryville Imaging for diagnostic testing today. Amanda was the absolute best when completing my ultrasound and really made a routine healthcare appointment exceptional. The staff from check-in through check-out were wonderful, and the facility itself was clean and updated as well. I will be returning for any additional imaging tests I might need in the future!
Brooke Sarro
The front desk staff were helpful and friendly. The woman who performed my mammogram made me feel comfortable and was gentle.
Stephanie Crouch
Mammograms...not the most fun thing to do two days before Christmas. From the initial registration with the beautifully curly-haired woman at the front desk to the tech that took the images (Brittany), they made the process much less stressful. I couldn't imagine going any place else for this process. Thank you and Happy Holidays!