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I’m sure you’ve heard of it, the dreadful meal prepping. It may seem like a daunting task, but in fact, it is very doable for all types of schedules and can be absolutely delicious!

Meal Prepping is where one cooks at the beginning of each week, rather a large set of one or two meals, to provide them with lunch for the coming week. It advocates for health, not eating processed foods, and makes it easy on your weekly schedule. Meal prepping can be the catalyst for better eating. This sustains making the food you put into your body in your kitchen, rather than a take-out bag.

You save money from not getting takeout or delivery for lunch each week. Rather one is putting their hard-earned money into buying at the grocery store and cooking for the week. Most people start small. They cook one bigger meal that can be spread across multiple lunches. This is the best first step for any beginner on their meal prep journey.

There is a plethora of recipes you can choose from and alter to fit your family’s taste. Most people make a main protein like chicken, this makes it easier to reheat and keep in the fridge throughout your week.

If chicken isn’t your favorite, then you can switch it up! Meal prepping is entirely dependent on the person doing the prepping. There are also options for solely vegetarian, beef, etc. The idea with meal prepping is you cook what you want. You want to be able to look forward to eating your flavorful meal, rather than a bland salad you grabbed on the way to work.

Cook a large serving of vegetables then split that up between your chosen containers. Some meal preppers prep twice a week; therefore, the food stays fresh and delicious. They prep once on Mondays and again on Thursday. You can do whatever works best with your schedule.

Starting to eat healthy begins with making better changes for your body. Your new year’s resolutions may still be intact, but with this, you can keep on track throughout the entire year.

Try it out for yourself. Make your first meal prepped meal and see how accomplished you feel! Make this year the year you control what goes into your body and see how food impacts your budget.

At Maryville Imaging, we want you to be the healthiest you that you can be. Try out meal prepping and see how it fares for you. Even if you can’t do the prepping yourself, there are many services that do it for you!

Here are some recipe websites to inspire you and get you started on your road to a better you:

Best of luck on the next step in your health journey!