Winters in the Midwest can often be harsh, causing people to suffer serious injuries as a result of slipping and falling on patches of ice or snow. These slips and falls can lead to lacerations, broken bones and even brain injuries. Follow these simple tips to stay safe and healthy this winter season:

  • Wear proper footwear. All too often, people slip and fall on ice while walking to or from work in their dress shoes. Even if your office’s dress code requires you to wear dress shoes, you should always wear boots with proper textured soles when trekking through the snow and ice. Dress shoes have little to no traction, making slips and falls more likely to occur. This winter, bring along your pair of dress shoes to change into when you arrive safely to your workplace.
  • Walk slowly and carefully. When making your way to your vehicle on that icy parking lot, walk slowly, taking smaller steps. Also, always watch wear you step, looking for patches of ice and avoiding them if possible. Keep both of your hands free for balance, and in case you do slip and fall, you can try to catch yourself rather than hitting headfirst. If handrails are available, use them to help keep you upright if you do begin to slip.
  • Use salt. After any inclement winter weather, such as a snowstorm or freezing rain, be sure to use ice melt or salt to help melt the ice. Ice melt and salt will also help increase traction, which will  prevent accidents and injuries from occuring.
  • Stay inside. If the weather is severe or is forecasted to become severe, stay inside. If you do not have to be somewhere, remain safe and warm indoors. If you absolutely have to go somewhere, plan ahead. Allow yourself enough time to drive and walk slowly.

Keep these safety tips in mind this winter season. Remember to relax and remain calm and steady when walking on patches of ice or snow. In the unfortunate case that an accident does occur and you become injured from a slip and fall, it is extremely important to seek medical assistance. We here at Maryville Imaging wish you a happy and healthy winter season!