A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan is a non-invasive, quick and painless technique that delivers high-resolution images without the use of radiation. Although a MRI scan is among the safest medical procedures available, it is quite common for patients to experience anxiety and stress leading up to and during a MRI scan. Our imaging team at Maryville Imaging knows that a MRI can be scary, especially if you are claustrophobic, do not like loud noises or are anxious about the scan’s results. Here are some simple ways to help you keep calm during your next MRI.

  • Bring a close friend or family member with you to your MRI appointment. Often times, the presence and support of someone you are close to can help calm your nerves and make you feel more relaxed.
  • Talk to your technician. The MRI machine can be very loud, but the technician will talk with you via intercom and keep you informed on what is happening. The technician can also answer any questions or help calm any concerns you may have.
  • Try your best to control your breathing. Lying still for long periods of time can often cause discomfort or stress. If you begin to feel stressed, inhale through your nose and exhale out of your mouth slowly. Try counting to 10 between each breath to make a steady, comforting rhythm that will help take your mind off of the scan.
  • Wear a sleeping mask or close your eyes. If you are claustrophobic, put on a sleeping mask or keep your eyes closed to help you forget about the confined space.
  • Ask the staff for a warm blanket or pillow. Often times, the room in which you receive the scan is quite chilly. A soft blanket or pillow can make you feel more comfortable and at home during your MRI.
  • Find your happy place. Although this tip seems very cliché, it really can help you have a more comforting and enjoyable experience. Close your eyes and imagine being somewhere relaxing. Whether it is to a white sandy beach or your favorite café, letting your mind wander will make the time pass more quickly.

If you try to practice these simple techniques during your scan and remember that a MRI is beneficial to your health, the procedure will be over before you know it. At Maryville Imagining, our team specializes in caring for patients who are claustrophobic or have trouble fitting comfortably in a conventional MRI. Our MRI machine has the largest opening on the market: the High-field Wide-bore MRI. Its opening is approximately the size of a hula-hoop, offering a more comfortable experience for our patients.

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