Spring has finally arrived, which means flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the sun is shining! For many of us, it also means it is time to start spring-cleaning: dusting, decluttering and organizing our homes after a long winter. While spring-cleaning has the obvious benefits of organized, more spacious closets, sparkling counter tops and spotless floors, it also has been associated with multiple health benefits:

It relieves stress. More clutter means more stress. Taking the time this spring season to organize your closets, rid your drawers and shelves of unused, junk items and sort through that towering stack of papers on your kitchen counter can decrease your stress levels significantly.

It relieves allergies. Are you a victim of spring allergies? Do not assume pollen is the only culprit for your itchy eyes, runny nose and scratchy throat. Dust and pet dander are infamous asthma triggers, especially amongst children. Dusting your home’s furniture and décor from top to bottom can relieve your family’s allergy symptoms in no time. Also, regularly vacuuming your home’s floors can help reduce allergy flare-ups caused by dust, dirt and pet hair.

It improves your mood. The feeling of a clean, tidy home is an instant mood booster. After a long day of work, coming home to an organized house is so relaxing, and allows you to truly enjoy your evenings spent with your family. Plus, as a homeowner, you should be satisfied and proud of your home. Taking care of it and keeping it clean are great ways to ensure that you never grow tired of it!

It promotes physical activity and drive. A deep spring-cleaning followed by routine cleaning and up-keep is a great form of exercise, helping you burn calories without even realizing it! Medical studies have also found that individuals who are motivated to remain active in cleaning their homes are more likely to use that drive in other areas of their lives, such as physical fitness, a healthier diet and their work.

It promotes a better night’s sleep. Tidying up your bedroom before bed is a great way to wind down opposed to watching TV or scrolling through your phone. Not to mention that a clean, fresh room creates a relaxing atmosphere and encourages a solid night of sleep. Routinely making your bed and washing your sheets are also great ways to ensure that you are sleeping as well as possible.

We all know that spring-cleaning is not the most ideal way to spend our minimal time at home; however, it does ensure that we truly enjoy our lives inside and outside of our home. This spring, make it a priority to organize your home and keep it that way with routine cleaning and up-keep. Your body and mind will thank you for seasons to come!